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Preventing Mold After a Natural Disaster

When rain or flood waters enter your home or business, it’s a race against the clock to prevent the growth of mold. To prevent mold from taking hold, open up doors and windows after the weather turns to increase ventilation and air circulation in your building. You also need to remove standing water and completely dry out your property within 48 hours if you want to avoid mold, which is why it’s important that you contact a water damage cleanup company right away to begin the restoration process. Watch this video to learn more about preventing mold after a natural disaster.

The likelihood of discovering mold after a flood or other natural disaster is very high. Fortunately, the disaster cleanup professionals at Utah Disaster Kleenup are licensed to provide mold removal and remediation in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Our mold remediation experts can take care of your mold problem quickly so you don’t need to worry about the short- and long-term consequences of mold exposure. For immediate 24/7 emergency disaster restoration services, including mold remediation, call UDK at (801) 553-1010.

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