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Electrical Safety After a Flood

flood damage Salt Lake CityWhen floodwaters run into your home or business, don’t rush inside to get started on the cleanup. In fact, you really shouldn’t tackle the cleanup yourself at all. That’s the job of a professional flood damage restoration company, which employs trained technicians who use the latest safety equipment to protect themselves and others from the dangers of flood cleanup, including electrocution. However, after the damage has been repaired you will still need to practice electrical safety to reduce your risk of shock and electrocution. Throw away any electronics and appliances that have come into contact with water, and don’t touch any electrical outlets until an electrician has performed a thorough inspection and repaired or replaced any damaged electrical equipment.

If you have experienced flooding, contact the flood damage restoration experts at Utah Disaster Kleenup. We have been the leading water damage cleanup and restoration company in Salt Lake City for over 40 years, and we have experience with every type of water damage imaginable. For 24/7 emergency water damage repair and restoration, call UDK at (801) 553-1010.

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